<b>Happy Eid to you, this is my gift (عيدي) for you :)</b>  We didn't pick that lovely rose. She just held it between her hands (huged it!) and I shoot this for you!  ---------------------------------------------------...

It’s the time of year where giving to those that are less fortunate is at the top of our minds. People without homes,  without families, and that might have other struggles. Whatever those struggles might be and no matter how big or small, seeing glimmers of hope in eyes that were once veiled with burden, brings us fulfillment and purpose. Imagine a meeting or an event in which every attendee can walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment because of their involvement in a charitable activity. Alan Ranzer has been able to help package this unique gift to meetings by way of his involvement in the organization, Impact 4 Good .

Impact 4 Good offers opportunities for any size group to enjoy teambuilding activities with the unique twist of being socially responsible. Many organizations are now being held accountable for their contribution to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and Impact 4 Good helps organizations accomplish the task of giving to the community by using a variety of teambuilding tactics.

Instead of rambling about all of the teambuilding ideas that the site has, I thought I would tell you about my personal favorite, called Community HeART. Alan explained this one to me personally when I met him at the MPI Midwest Regional Conference. Basically, the goal of the activity is that a beautiful piece of artwork is created from each of the teams and is donated to a local schools, hospitals, and community centers to help spice up their wallspace. The teams work together through many scenarios to find their artists, make their shapes, and much more. Pretty creative stuff.

Take a moment to look deeper into some of those meetings & events on your desk that might be able to benefit this season by giving to a higher purpose. Just a small touch at a meeting can make such a great impact. As planners, it is our responsibility to make sure that we are being as resourceful to expose all creative options to those organizations we work with in order to help them become socially responsible. How are you contributing to communities in the organizations you work with?