My history with online registration & attendee management tools is getting rather lengthy. Way back when, I used to work with notable online tools such as b-there, and seeuthere both now StarCite. I don’t have the priviledge of working with these tools currently, but they worked great for my purposes at the time. However, as needs intensify based on the complexities of event management, the flexibility at times isn’t what one would want from an online management tool. Caution must be displayed when selecting an online management tool from providers that promise custom functions. Some providers can’t deliver without compromising the overall functioning of the tool itself.  Like all technology, there are glitches, and meaningless updates. So, how do you as a planner stay sane amongst it all? Sometimes we can be comforted by a “work-around” that the provider gives us, but there are times that we just want the darn thing to work! It is understandable that different customers demand different types of flexibility from a tool, however it would be great to know that the basic fundamentals of the tool work steadily and consistently. So, I’m wondering, have you found the perfect tool for your organization? If so, share and comment below…maybe there are some different tools out there that other planners may find useful.