If you are a senior planner with 10+ years in the meeting & event industry, and have aspirations to join or be supported by a community that is comprised of only senior planners, then joining SPIN may be the thing for you. What is SPIN exactly? SPIN is The Senior Planners Industry Network. It is an organization that is made by planners, for planners.

I’ve been apart of SPIN’s LinkedIn group for a while, and have enjoyed it. After I saw the value that was delivered by SPIN’s LinkedIn group, it was clear to me that this organization had something different to offer: A close community of senior planners prepared to connect, grow, and learn together. Their vision?

“SPIN is the industry’s only supplier-free association strictly serving senior-level meeting and event planners. We influence the future of our industry through extreme innovation, unparalleled education, and a true sense of community and collaboration among peers.” – www.spinplanners.com

If you want to  join SPIN, you will have to fill out a brief application and make a choice between a basic membership ($25/yr), or an elite membership ($200/yr).  For me, joining SPIN is a supplement to my education and community experience. It was affordable, and also delivers value. I’m excited to witness how this organization will continue to grow and shape this industry. Check it out!