Sometimes you have to add a little bit of fun to your workweek. That is why this week, we are having fun with Post-It Notes! I am amazed everyday how much people can accomplish with a sticky note. People have gotten jobs with Post-It Notes, gotten broken up with boyfriends on Post-It Notes, settled contracts via a sticky note and most importantly, have been able to have effective meetings with Post-It Notes. So, what’s the deal with Post-It Notes? I’ve compiled some of the creative ways that I’ve seen post-it notes used in this handy slide show. I hope you enjoy!

  • Parking Lot
    A common use is to use post-it's as a parking lot for questions while in a meeting. When time a allows, go back through questions.


Do you have any odd uses for sticky notes? List them here!


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Question wall by IRISS Photo Collection via Flickr
BIG IN SXSW: Physical<3virtual – Post-it & Evernote join forces by demoshelsinki
Ombae by Topher McCulloch via Flickr
Provisional seating chart by Ian Mulvany via Flickr
post it game_20.jpg by signtronix2014 via Flickr
tom wujec + design 2020 post-it universe, autodesk university by Dawn Danby via Flickr
231 by Jay Peg via Flickr
Post it notes to clean crap out of your keyboard
Project File (147/366) by Mike Chaput
via Flickr

Post it fun by Robert Maldeno via Flickr
Bookmarks in HDR by Arria Belli via Flickr
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