Recently I took a trip with some fellow meeting planners to go to a collaborative engagement meeting. After we landed at our intended destination, the flow of events was certainly interesting to say the least. Why is it that we always have to be in control? Its very funny if you ask me. Especially when you have more than 3 meeting planners in the same spot at the same time. It can be bad…real bad. I sat back and watched this series of events happen. It started with other three planners bickering over who knew the city the best, to one of the planners discussing how much she was more familiar with the SUV we were driving than anyone else, to the battle that all of the planners were internally fighting within themselves because they all think they knew the directions to our destination. However, we came up short, about an hour later from a ride that was supposed to be 15 minutes long, we arrived at our destination. I remember at one point I offered my GPS device on my phone and got the smackdown for even offering. So, I sat back and read my emails. Whatever. I know us meeting planners thrive on control, but sometimes we need to take a deep breath and live and let live – you know? Now I know that I have to mentally prepare for travels that involve multiple meeting planners. Has anyone else had this happen to them?