Do you love to write? Do you enjoy blogging? Some people think that blogging is dead. As a writer, the impending “death of blogging” can leave you wondering if you should even write and just wait to see what happens next. I happen to think that good blogging, real blogging, is still an art form that is still very alive. There are some very good blogs out there. Blogs that are relevant, packed with information, and present a personable touch that you can’t get from a normal blog. Authenticity is what blogs need now days, not just a regurgitation of information that you can now find in a simple “keyword search”.

Although some people may think that blogging is a thing of the past,  I think that if you are a writer, you should continue to do what you love. If you love to travel, travel. If you love to speak, speak. If you love to write, just write. Don’t strive to be something that you are not. Do what you love, and the followers, if they come, will come. Until then, just write.


Photocredit: Just Write by Sean MacEntee (Flickr)