Have you ever been to an event that had an open bar, yet the bartenders have a tip glass, and you are stuck with nothing but a credit card for tips? It can be even more frustrating when the venue you are in doesn’t have an atm in sight. I always thought that it would be awesome if someone could find a way to accept credit cards for tips, because it could come in handy when you really don’t have another way to show your gratitude. Enter DipJar.

DipJar is a tip jar that takes credit cards. It is basically an aluminum jar that has a built in credit card reader. Dip jar extracts one dollar per each swipe, which is generally the amount that individuals tend to tip anyways. DipJar is currently working with retailers that want to have DipJar become available in their establishments. Hotels might see this as a great option to provide attendees an easy alternative to tip their bartenders. DipJar can also be useful for events that don’t have a cash source nearby. DipJar is still trying to liftoff and go mainstream, and are developing some next generation hardware, but stay tuned, you might see some more exciting developments from these developers. If you want to find out how to get a Dipjar, click here.

Do you see a tip jar that takes credit cards useful? Would love to hear your thoughts!


Photo credit: Doug Dugdale