One of the coolest mobile apps for event planners that I’ve seen so far this year is Hipmunk, and I am not alone.  Hipmunk was also rated one of the top websites in 2011 amongst TIME Magazine Travel + Leisure, Budget Travel, and Inc., just to name a few. Hipmunk’s aim is to take the agony out of travel planning, and they do just that.

You may be wondering what Hipmunk is. This website is a travel search site, that helps you view your search in a variety of useful ways. I wanted to share with you 5 uses of Hipmunk for Event Planners that I’ve found to be useful while planning events.

Not Just an App

Technology is great. However as a planner, I like to use tools that I can utilize across my devices. The best thing about this app, is that you can access the technology on your smartphone (ipad/iphone/android), and access the full website on your personal computer. For me, it can be annoying if some technology applications are only available either mobile or via personal computer. I’m always traveling and on-the-go, so being able to access cross-platform, is a plus.

No Agony Flight Search

At times there is agony in finding flights with the right airline, flying out at the right time, with the best pricing for more than one person. Hipmunk’s ‘agony’ flight search puts the ‘a’ in awesome.  One of the best things about this tool is that it is a particular search functionality which allows the user to view all flights, color-coded by airline,  sorted by time, and pricing. Its a mouth full, but the interface is simple and easy to view.


It’s not everyday that you find a hotel flight search engine that gives you a view like this. With the ‘ecstasy’ flight search that Hipmunk offers, planners are able to view all hotels available in a particular location, sorted by pricing, tier-level, and placed on a map for you to view the surrounding area.  As a planner that plans over 150 meetings a year, this search is very helpful to view hotels, amenities they offer, along with reviewing the neighborhood on an awesome mapped view. It’s ecstasy, and that is exactly what it is.


If you don’t use TripAdvisor to investigate hotels that you are placing your event, then you should. Hipmunk makes it easy because they integrate TripAdvisor into the hotel search. This really helps planners to make the best choice for their event.

Clean, Clean, Clean

I love a website that is simple, easy to use, and looks clean. This website does just that. There isn’t too much of anything going on the screen except for what you need. I appreciate that.

Point is – I just really like this app and what it can provide to meeting & event professionals. It is just another tool that we can have in our back pocket if we want to view things from another perspective. Do you use Hipmunk or  have other ways that Hipmunk works for you? I would love to hear about them.