Small meetings can be just as important as larger ones. As important as they are, it can be tough to find a local off-site venue that appeals to your smaller meeting. At times departments, executives, or small groups need a quick retreat to brainstorm and create. These spaces help a team to be away from the office with no distractions so that they can sit and plan and actually get things done. Creative meeting spaces get the juices flowing, so check out these 10 creative spaces that stand out for smaller meetings.

Boost (Cincinnati, OH)

If you want a non-boring meeting, choose Boost. It definitely is not your typical meeting space, and offers a flexible working environment designed to generate discussions “without limitation”.

Catalyst Ranch (Chicago, IL)

Sometimes your ideas need a place to brew, and for many in Chicago, the Catalyst Ranch is the place to be. The Catalyst Ranch focus’s on making sure you have the most productive offsite sessions possible. With creative and inspiring rooms to fit up to 150 people, this location is hard to pass up. Bring your group, have lunch, and even select from energizing facilitators to enhance your experience.

Co+hoots (Phoenix, AZ)

With many organizations going virtual, finding spaces to meetup with local colleagues to collaborate can be tough. Coffee shops can offer so much support. Co+hoots Phoenix combines collaborative work spaces for those that would like to get away to meet for the day, or even those that need a more permanent solution.

Headspace (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Sometimes it’s a good thing to get out of your head and get into a place that you can express everything that you have been holding onto. With a name like Headspace, this creative space offers up different experience for attendees. With 5300 sq-ft of meeting space, simply designed, and able to handle all your catering technology needs, your group will have everything that you need.

Innovation Loft (New York)

Right near the Financial District of New York, the Innovation Lofts sits on the corner of innovation and opportunity. Groups are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, and are inspired to innovate by developing ideas on rolling wall partitions, the ultimate white-space event space.

Magellan Idea Center (Charlotte, NC)

A restored textile mill can have its benefits. Magellan is a quaint idea center that offers an off-site option for those looking to get away from the office to tackle projects, do team building, or have productive conversations. If you have trouble creating conversations, hire a professional facilitator to help your group get off to a great start.

Meet (New York, NY)

Meet is a unique organization that has many different eclectic event spaces catered to different audiences located all over New York. Only 8 of their event spaces grace their website, yet the owners offer many “secret” locations to meet should you need to. How fun! For those looking for locations off of the beaten path and to perhaps offer your routine meeting attendees a bit of a different spin, try Meet on for size.

Sparkspace (Columbus, OH)

Sparkspace promises to move your meetings from boring to brilliant. With 5 rooms to choose from including the “think tank” and the “zenergy” room, there is bound to be a room to inspire your group.

Thinkubator (Chicago, IL)

Oldie but a goodie, Thinkubator is located in downtown Chicago. You will experience a loft style setting while looking at the powerful Chicago skyline. The Thinkubator is used by some of the most prominent business in Chicago who all come to break out of the box of the office, and put their brains in action.

Workshop, the creative workplace (Louisville)

Set in the heart of Louisville, the Workshop is a unique location to have smaller meetings. Rooms are uniquely designed to intrigue your senses and encourage creativity. Those who come to the creative workshop will leave with a sense of zest ready to put their thoughts to action.

Have you planned at an event at one of these locations? Would love to hear your input on your experience, or if you have any other creative work spaces to share!

Updated 1/5/2016

Offsite NYC Event Space (New York, NY)

Several of our readers suggested to add Offsite NYC Event Space to this list, so here it is! Offsite NYC has some pretty snazzy space in the heart of New York. They offer several floors of flexible and remarkable space to fit every need. I encourage you to check them out as I have should you have an offsite need for space in New York!

Photo credit: Matthew Ginger via Flickr