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Why Event Planners Should Drop the Ball (A Summer Book Review)

Being a wife, mom, event planner, and friend, I tend to wear many hats. I'm a lot to a lot of people,and  I thrive off connection and helping people when I am able. However, there are many times in which I cannot help or be a part of certain initiatives because of...

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What Event Planners Should Know About Airbnb

Airbnb has been hitting headlines lately, making heads turn and ears perk up. This pioneer in the sharing economy has been under some pressure as it continues to soar in growth. On one hand, the company shows a tremendous amount of promise, tapping into a type of...

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10 Freedoms that Every Event Planner Dreams Of

Today marks Independence Day in the United States of America. A day where the USA celebrates gaining its national independence. Although celebrating the holiday allows those of us who live in this great country to reflect on our individual freedoms, I can't help but...

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Plan the Summer Event You Can Be Proud of

Summer is here and it is hot! And the hot weather blooms event trends that are bound to warm it up. The fun thing about summer is that in some cases, nature does the work for you. However, there are other ways planners can add a little sizzle to their summer events...

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The Evolution of Meeting Technology

Today, we are a far cry away from our humble paper survey beginnings. Meeting technology has taken center stage in SMM, meeting departments, and event planning institutions. As new options emerge, new opportunities for measurement, improvement, and understanding...

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Top 10 Things to Bring to Conferences

It can be very exciting to be able to attend a conference or a trade show. However after the adrenaline of excitement wears off, One can be easily overwhelmed. What exactly should you bring to make sure you are prepared for any and all the conference has to offer?...

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I would love to consult with you on your events or for your business. With over 20 years in the industry, I have a wealth of experience that I can bring to your table.

Content Creation

With a wealth of knowledge in the events industry combined with my writing experience, I can create highly engaging and impactful content and SEO-targeted texts.

Product Reviews

I would love to review your event industry apps. Product reviews and giveaways relevant to my brand are also possible.

Web Design

Let me help you by designing a personal website for your site or business. I created this website and many others with a few clicks here and there. I can help.

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Don't want to miss a post? Get new posts and other fun updates delivered right to your inbox. No's a promise.

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