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20+ Best Event Planning Blogs – Hands Down!

I am a big reader.  I love reading about every nook and cranny in the industry. Although published books and formal articles are great, blogs can really show the heart of the industry in an immediate way. Industry blogs bring fresh ideas, and insights to the table...

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What Everybody Ought To Know About MEET

I had a wonderful opportunity to connect with Sara Schiller, co-founder of MEET, The Meeting Solutions Company. What prompted our chat was the attention my post 10 Creative Meeting Spaces had garnered, and increased interest in innovative event spaces. It was clear...

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Why Team Building Is Crucial For Your Company

What’s the difference between a group of individuals working on a project and a team? A group is focused on their individual sections and making sure their portion is done. A team is focused on the collective achievement of each team member. They are responsible for...

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9 Things a Leader Must Do – A Review

While attempting to come up with some ways to be a better leader at work, I picked up this little book called 9 Things a Leader Must Do. The attraction to the book was that it was written by an author that I respect, Dr. Henry Cloud. One of Dr. Cloud’s most popular...

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25 Quotes Every Event Planner Should Know

I’m a lover of quotes, especially those that hit home what I do every day. Quotes can hide nuggets of truth that can impact you. Quotes can also be extremely personal especially when you understand the the person behind the quote. As event professionals, little...

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I would love to consult with you on your events or for your business. With over 20 years in the industry, I have a wealth of experience that I can bring to your table.


Content Creation

With a wealth of knowledge in the events industry combined with my writing experience, I can create highly engaging and impactful content and SEO-targeted texts.

Product Reviews

I would love to review your event industry apps. Product reviews and giveaways relevant to my brand are also possible.

Web Design

Let me help you by designing a personal website for your site or business. I created this website and many others with a few clicks here and there. I can help.

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